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The Power of Accountability.

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What is accountability?
Let’s get straight to the facts; accountability is the act of being accountable. In this context, it means trusting someone to encourage and pray for you as you do the same for them. Many Christian men and women have accountability groups that they form within their churches or they may just be close to Christian friends who meet on a weekly basis to encourage, pray for, and confess to. Now, I must admit, when I was young, I thought accountability meetings were an absolute waste of time because of my experience I personally had with it, let me share a few of my thoughts when I got into it:

  • Accountability was extremely depressing because all we seemed to talk about was our failures….and most of us were struggling with the same things; it’s hard to listen to the rebuke of someone who has the same log in their eye.
  • I felt like everyone at the meeting wanted to hear what you were struggling with so that they didn’t feel as bad about their sin (lol…lame right?)
  • There was no growth or progression in my walk with Christ

But as I grew older, I realized I was doing it all wrong. I shouldn’t have been in an accountability group with a bunch of teenaged, immature Christian boys because we were all technically at the same levels in our faith. I should have looked to a mature man of God in the faith that had conquered the struggles I was facing and would push me towards spiritual maturity.

Why is it important?

Because any Christian who is not accountable to somebody is a dangerous Christian. It is for your own protection. We must understand that all man has fallen from the grace and glory of God and therefore we are all sinful (Rom 3:23). If you don’t associate yourself with a fellowship of believers, you might not see it yet but you are headed down a prideful path. A path in which you don’t want anyone in your business, telling you what to do, or living a life that you don’t want anyone to know about. You, my friend, are being blind to the things that you are doing. We all need a friend, a mentor, and someone to hold us accountable, especially in this race we are running as Christians.

God uses fellowship and accountability to protect us from straying away from the path that we are on through Him. He wants us to keep on going down a path of righteousness, TOGETHER. A mentor of mine once told me “every Christian needs a Paul, a Timothy, and a Barnabas. Paul is meant to guide us, Timothy is to help us mature, and Barnabas is there to challenge us.” Be accountable to somebody, and have somebody be accountable to you.

Let Iron sharpen Iron.

Problems are Great & Solutions are Golden!

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Being raisProblems are great,& (1)ed the average way; society causes us to think that problems and situations are never really a good thing, and that you should avoid problems as much as you can. But every visionary understands that all problems need a solution, and solutions are your tickets to reaching your goals to be whatever you desire to be and fulfilling your call and purpose in life….What am I getting at? Just wait for it.

When a problem arises, we try to pass it on and tend to want someone else to deal with it. But as a person of purpose that is not the right state of mind to have and that is not how one is to progress or improve your quality of life. When there is a problem, there is always an opportunity, and especially being a Christian, I believe in the sovereignty of God and how he gives us burning passions for unsolved issues that we would have to step up and do something about it. The only downside to this topic is that; we can talk hours about making change, and everyone actually gives good ideas and inputs but NO action is ever made. Usually when an entrepreneur starts a purposeful business or organization, it is because there is a problem that they are targeting and with determination, going to solve.

While reading biographies as usually, I came across an amazing entrepreneur by the name of Richard Branson; he gave a story about how he would always be traveling, and he would always get annoyed and disappointed at the poor service they would give on these airlines, and he felt that other people must also feel this way. He went on to start his own airline….I Know right? What a guy!…but not only that, he hated that banks would have so much hidden fees to confuse him and other clients, so he decided with his company to start a bank. See? Every issue is an opportunity to do something legendary. Especially when you’re passionate about something.   Since I am a devout believer, I relate everything to Jesus. Jesus saw the sinfulness of man and realized that they had a problem and he was the only solution. He died for mankind to have salvation. There was a problem and there was a solution that greatly affected the world in a positive way.

Entrepreneurs see that someone’s needs are not being met, most of the time that someone is themselves. They start with one issue and it actually opens your mind to see more opportunities. It just takes that one push to go fourth and accomplish it.

So whenever you encounter a problem, see it as God is giving you a task to get busy with.

Peace and Love People!

Embracing Wisdom

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prov-1-2Last year, somewhere around this time, I had an awesome opportunity to intern at Lisle Memorial Baptist Church in Jane and Finch (Toronto, Ontario). While I was interning there I had an opportunity to share the word of God with the saints that worshiped there. It was a very interesting experience being 20 years old, coming from a traditional (African) Pentecostal church, to sharing the word with a completely different audience of ethnicity, and denomination. It put me in a challenging position to grow as an aspiring preacher and I really enjoyed it. The gospel was preached and I believe lives were changed. That day, I believe I preached a sermon from the book of proverbs on “embracing wisdom”; as I have been reading a proverbs a day throughout this month of June, Proverbs 7 threw itself right out of the page in my face, and it is quite similar to a section of my sermon dealing with the purpose of the Proverbs and who and what wisdom is.

Wisdom is embodied in the Proverbs and acts as God’s dynamic word.
In the New Testament, Jesus becomes the wisdom and the word of God.
Embracing Wisdom is Embracing Christ.
Christ is Wisdom

See the graph below.


Origin of Wisdom Teaching of Wisdom Value of Wisdom
In God (v.22) Prudence(vv.5,12) Yields riches and honor (v.18)
From everlasting (v.23) Understanding (v.5) Greater than gold and silver (v.19)
Before all things (vv.23-30) Excellent thing (v.6) The wise are blessed (vv.32,34)
Truth (v.7) The wise find life (v.35)
Hatred of wickedness (v.7) The foolish love death (v.36)
Righteousness (v.8)
Knowledge (v.12)

Discretion (v.12)

Fear of the Lord (v.13)


5 Ways to Master Your Money

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5 WAYSWe all (well, most of us) have something to pay off, whether its school, a car loan, a new home you’ve purchased and so on. When it comes to financial situations, they can become quite discouraging and much of a struggle to even look at how much you owe. I’m an advocate of tackling and mastering all areas in our individual lives, and one very important area we will be discussing is “How to Master Your Money”. It is important to be financially sound and stable; reason being because you do not want to be somebody that is always borrowing and never having enough to pay back. Proverbs 22:7 says “The rich rules over the poor, And the borrower is a servant to the lender. Other versions say a “slave” to the lender. The person or thing you now owe becomes your master.

Contemplate on some financial decisions you’ve made, and ask yourself if it was a smart idea to have purchased the things you did. I sure made BIG MISTAKES as a young man with my money lol. But everything becomes a learning lesson and is supposed to make us wiser. I’m glad I made most of my financial mistakes while I was still living at home, that saved me big time!

Here are 5 ways I came up with to master your money and take control over your income.

  1. Have debts? Pay it off Buddy
    The mistake many of us make is that, by the minimum payments were paying on our credit cards, we think it becomes alright to purchase more and more things. But that just increases the amount of time it will take to pay it all off and increases the interest rate. When you have things like a car, and student loans to pay off, don’t take those lightly. If you have other things you have to pay for, especially on your credit card, pay it off and have that liberty of being free from a monthly payment coming out of your account. It may not sound like anything special but that gives you the liberty to have money for yourself.
  2. Don’t use your credit card if you know you cannot pay it off.
    If you know you can’t pay off what your buying in the next 2 months, don’t purchase it. Live within your means and don’t always go for the things you want. Go for the things you need.
  3. Live a reasonable lifestyle
    as I said, Live within your means, and if possible live below your means. It is only temporary and there will be a time where you will be able to get the things you want and go the places you’ve always thought of traveling to. It takes time and planning, though it seems as if it may never happen, persevere and have in mind that you will one day you can save all you want, give all you want, and spend when you want.
  4. Educate yourself on finance
    Deep down, everybody thinks they know everything there is to know about how to save and spend, but reality is we know nothing until we actually study the topic. There are many things we must educate ourselves on in order to save, and invest correctly. There are many books and authors that can educate you on the topic. A few names would be Dave Ramsey, Chris Brown (not the singer lol), and Rachel Cruze.
  5. Budget your money!
    Budgets are super super super important. It helps you to keep track of all your money and what your spending on. When you budget your money, you are in control of your money and are basically paying for the necessary things you ought to pay for. For instance, my budget consists of school, car, insurance, tithes and rent payments. Once these payments are down, I put a specific amount in for saving and whatever is left is for me to spend. When you continue a consistent pattern of this, you will see that you actually have control over your income and where it’s going, it’s a really good feeling. Especially for a young Christian man like me.